Sacred Pauses

Sacred Pauses is scheduled for release by Herald Press in 2013

As part of our new website, we’ve been wanting to include audio sermons, and now you can find my sermon on Sacred Pauses (November 25, 2012) here! Since then, I’ve received some great responses:

Some shared their favourite sacred pause:

  • Bubble bath while heating my back in preparation for stretching exercises, or simply staying in bed, resting and pausing longer than most. Often it is during these times that ideas and/or prayers come to mind.
  • That moment when my child falls asleep in my arms.

Or offered their own reflections:

  • A former teacher said, “When children learn to read, they can’t read if the letters are all strung together. They need a space—a pause—in between.”  So just as spaces between the letters help them make sense as words, sacred pauses can help us make sense of our lives.
  • Last Sunday in church, our pastor spoke about “Sacred Pauses” – taking time each day to pause, to reflect, to give thanks, to become aware of the presence of Emmanuel: God – with – us. She shared this great quote: “You only need a tiny scrap of time to move toward God.” – The Cloud of Unknowing, 14th century. Pairing that with the fact that God also moves towards me, seeks me out… makes that scrap of time/distance even shorter.|
    A tiny scrap of time. Isn’t that lovely? Holding a sleeping child. Praying before a meal. Going for a walk. Watching the birds at my feeder. Sharing laughter with friends. These are small things but being intentional about them makes a difference. That’s my goal for this Advent/Christmas season – to be intentional about taking pauses throughout my day to move towards, and be met by, the Sacred.  (from Tis the Season to …Pause that’s posted here)

How will you take time for sacred pause?