Superman, Jesus, and Me

Dig Into ScriptureIt was wonderful to receive so many responses to my July 28 sermon–and yes for the grammarians in the congregation, the title Superman, Jesus, and Me is actually correct :-)  It’s like the documentary movie Roger & Me–in the same vein, this sermon is about Superman, Jesus, and Me (not I).

Grammar aside, one of the main points of the sermon was this quote from Tim Geddert’s commentary on Mark:

Ultimately carrying the cross means saying yes to God,
yes to whatever it might be that the discipleship road
demands of each one of us.

Then I asked us as a congregation:

What is our yes to God?

Here are the responses (with personal names removed for privacy reasons):

“Accepting life as it comes to me, especially living daily with my physical (back) problem but keeping hope alive for change”

“Being a support to members of our Connections group”

“To be the mother and Oma God wants me to be”

“Yes, I will support extended family members”

“To help a refugee (Cambodian) family through some difficulties – re employment and family concerns”

“Family, Integrity, Neighbourhood”

“Grandchildren, neighbours and friends with illnesses”

“Reaching out to my non-Christian  neighbours and friends, sharing God’s love with them”

“We will be talking to MCC tomorrow regarding a possible 1 year assignment to Egypt starting sometime this fall. We have turned this over to God and it will be….or not. We would LOVE to be sent”

“To walk with our friends in their time of grieving. To support them in any way we are able”

“Helping care for my extended family – health issues; relationship issues; extending love and understanding to growing adolescents”

“My “YES” to God – gladly caring for my semi-invalid husband. He is so precious to me. My “YES” to people God brings into my life”

“Learning to love my “enemies” – being more accepting of people I think of as “other” – homeless, street-entrenched people, people with addictions and mental health issues. I need to see these people as Jesus does”

“To accept the afflictions and diseases God has for me”

“Yes to praying for a refugee”

“My yes to God means to pay attention when He speaks and be obedient

“Yes to opening my home to someone who needs a place to stay”

“Assist a cousin dealing with a deep depression”

“Caring for the needs and happiness of others before my own comfort”


By God’s mercy and grace, may we continue to say yes to God!