The Missional Church: God at Work

You don’t want to miss this 5 part series on God at work through missions. What do missionaries look like? What do they sound like? The answers may surprise you. The Missional Church is one who supports those God sends. Come and get excited. Get involved. Be inspired to go and share God’s love with others!

The Missional Church: God at Work Storytelling.  A 5-part series.

October 27:  Missions Sunday:  Missional Storytelling: field stories by former mission workers.  MPJ Missions Sunday

November 3: ” Missions Sunday Follow Up : Sending , Supporting and Receiving back Mission and Service Workers. If you have been on a missions or service opportunity or if you have been a part of a sending church, THIS DISCUSSION IS FOR YOU!  The class will consist of a Panel Discussion, Round Table Sessions: Facilitated by Paul and Lydia Jenkinson. 

November 10:  Peace Sunday: Mulanda Jimmy Juma, MCC’s Peace Advisor for southern Africa, will present on Challenges to and Opportunities for Peacebuilding in Africa.  Dr. Juma has been instrumental in the development of the Africa Peacebuilding Institute in Zambia and has written on community re-integration of child soldiers.  You will be inspired by his stories.

November 17: Boyet Ongkiko: Incarnational Strategy as Jesus’ model of Missions. Boyet is one of the talented and passionate people on Darnell and Christina Barkman’s core team in Manila, is very close to the family and is a mentor to them and their emerging community.  He is making a side trip to Abbotsford to worship with us and spend the Adult Elective hour with us.  He is the founder of iHelp, an organization under the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches that mobilizes churches towards community transformation, he’s the Director of the Centre for Transformational Development at Asian School for Development and Cross Cultural Studies and he’s a consultant and trainer on organizational development.  Come to hear and meet Kuya Boyet and make a connection with one of the Barkman’s closest partners.

November 24:  Linda Gharib – “What does it look like to love our enemy?” Linda has spent time both in the Gaza Strip and in Israel and brings her insights around Jesus’ command to love our brothers and sisters, neighbours and enemies. She has authored “For the Love of Hamoudi – my journey of faith into the Gaza Strip” where she shares the amazing journey God led her on to better understand her role in peacemaking for the people of the Holy Land.