The Art of Reading Scripture

BibleWe had a wonderful weekend of learning recently with Gerald Gerbrandt (President Emeritus of Canadian Mennonite University) who continues to teach part-time with a particular focus on Scripture. The following few choice quotes don’t do justice to all that he shared with us, but here at least is a taste of his presentations Friday and Saturday (Feb 14-15) for those of you who missed it.

A Few Nuggets:

Scripture is one continuous story.

Jesus is the lens through which the whole story is to be read.

It is deliberately multi-voiced, making use of complex dialogue.

The truth (or the essence) of the story is in the story, not in some moral or teaching or doctrine derived from the story.

The art of reading Scripture is a creative discipline that requires engagement and imagination, not detached objectivity.

Scripture is an unfinished drama. (N.T.Wright)

We are invited to improvise the last act in a manner consistent with the characterization, plot lines and themes given us in the first acts.

Reading Scripture necessarily requires engagement. The goal is transformation and faithful living, not information or even theology.

An Outline of the Drama:

Act I – God, World, and Chosen People (Old Testament)

Act II – Unleashing the Kingdom (Gospels)

Act III – Citizens of the Kingdom

Scene I – from Jerusalem to Rome (Acts to Revelation)

Scene II – from then until now (Church HIstory)

Scene III – continuing the drama today