missing_danha01 Daniel Ha, son of Ken (pastor of our Vietnamese church) and Ruth Ha, was last seen near his home on the evening of October 31, 2014.   This is already being shared widely on social media and national broadcasts, and Ken, Ruth and other family members have joined the search in San Francisco. Please see FindDanHa.com for the latest details, and please continue to pray.

The following prayer is reblogged from aprilyamasaki.com, where you will also find other links to prayers for the missing:

O God who seeks and saves the lost,
have mercy on those who are missing,
and on their families who ache at their loss.

O Spirit here and everywhere,
protect and comfort each one,
sustain and carry each one in your arms.

As Jesus was once missing from his earthly parents
and restored to them with joy,
restore those who are missing to their families and friends.

O God, have mercy and hear my prayer.
Hear the sighs of the Spirit too deep for words.
Have mercy on all who suffer and need your peace. Amen.