Peace, Prayers and Poetry

On November 9, Emmanuel celebrated Peace Sunday with a service that included prayers and poetry inspired by and built on Isaiah 2:2-5 — “…They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.” Some original poems by Emmanuel members were read, as well as a poem by the American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic and farmer Wendell Berry. Here are those poems about peace and links to them:

Adriel Brandt:  “Zion”

April Yamasaki:  “After the Clash (an evening at the Reach Gallery)”

Barb Nickel [in lieu of the new, unpublished poem she read on Sunday]: “Nickel Mines”

Wendell Berry:  “The Peace of Wild Things”

Poem by Emmanuel member (wishing to remain anonymous):


I am Eve

I live in the garden of Eden
A place of peace
and security
With blossoms in spring
and colored leaves in the fall

I am Eve

I eat of the apple
I sin
I live with guilt
and remorse.
I hide in shame
I am accountable

I am Eve

I am forgiven
I am wrapped in love
I worship
and praise
I proclaim God’s plan of peace
for my world
with my story.

I am Eve
I am God’s daughter
I am at peace.