Loving All Your Neighbours

Portable Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)  with Dr. Delmar Epp.

We hear about division and conflict in many contexts; nations, groups (including churches), and individuals find themselves isolated from one another, wary, anxious, and unable to trust each other. Social psychologists have identified some of the causes of these divisions, and perhaps surprisingly, conflicts on any scale appear to have many of the same origins. In our series, we’ll discuss some of these factors, together with some ideas for how to develop or restore our relationships with neighbors.

Delmar is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Canadian Mennonite University. His Ph. D. is from University of Manitoba; he’s been on faculty at CMU from its inception in 2000. His current research efforts explore some of our fundamental social motives – factors that lead us to affiliate (or not to affiliate) with one another.

• Friday, Feb. 12 7:30-9pm at Emmanuel (banquet room—please use the office entrance on the south side of the church)
• Saturday, Feb. 13 9am-noon at Emmanuel (banquet room)